Retreats International

We help you organise your events

We specialise in organising events like, retreats for groups of people or culture caravans or workshops and seminars. In a variety of wonderful and carefully selected locations around Europe, at venue centres that are well equipped and catered for, for each and every case.   

We have the experience of years long of event and retreat organising and planning,  we offer not just stress free time for our clients but also help create memorable experiences for the participants so they feel impacted and leave feeling better, changed and part of a new community which we help in building during these special gatherings. Always wanting to rejoin your group to come back. 

We plan and organise all the necessary logistics for the venue  according to the type of event you want to have.



Specially selected retreat centres in marvellous locations,  equipped with the necessary facilities, wholesome fresh meals and more…


Join our expeditions and discover, immerse your self in a different way of being, with other like minded people

Group Leisure

Unique locations with well equipped hotels and retreat centres where you will enjoy to hold your corporate retreats


With facilities that cater to a variety types for retreats, workshops and seminars


Abundance of optional outdoor and indoor activities  as per location and season


Comfortable and excellent accommodation with all the facilities for a restful time


Wholesome  and balanced fresh meals with local and seasonal ingredients

Join our family