About Us

About Us

Welcome to Retreats International

With more than 6 years long experience of retreat organising and planning, we offer not just stress free time for our clients but also help create memorable experiences for the participants so they feel impacted and leave feeling better, changed and part of a new community, which we help in building during these special gatherings. Our clients and their guest depart always wanting to rejoin your group to come back to us. 

We specialise in organising events like, retreats for groups of people, culture caravans, workshops and seminars. At carefully selected and wonderful locations around Europe. We help you hold your special happenings, at venue centres that are well equipped facilities applicable to each and every case.   

We take care of the details of you retreat so you can focus on delivering your planned retreat or workshop to your group. We take care of planning and organising all the necessary logistics for the venue  according to the type of event you want to have.

The focus of our retreat planning is providing you all the knowhow of retreat planning to as well as, holistic nutrition, well equipped facilities, special extra happenings and more.

According to the season, location and free time, your guests can partake in a variety of optional outdoor or indoor activities (trekking, horseback riding, adventure walks, wine tasting e.t.c.)

If you are a group leader/instructor or coach with your group of people, we can organise your event, de it a retreat, workshop, seminar, etc and tailor it to your specific needs.