more than just adventure, more than just tourism

An expedition is each time a new and unique combination of elements that make our life interesting. It’s about travelling together with other people, exploring the world and sharing experiences that make us truly feel humans. 

Join us and penetrate this amazing mystery of the expeditions. Take part in the reality that these expeditions create and attain a plethora of knowledge, experience, self development. Become a part of an emerging community.   

Just imagine a group of people travelling together, with their own car or joining in a bus, to some special location in Europe, where a well organised program of cultural activities is awaiting them. There isn’t any distinction between the visitors and the local people, between the audience and the performers, between the spectators and the artists. Everyone joins in the action for his own reasons, everyone is invited to give and take. 

On these expeditions you will therefore, more than once, get emerged into the magic of  performing arts, in a spontaneous manner, which fully includes the listener and spectator into the experience.

Art is still one with spiritual life and true science, as it always was in any Mystery Culture of Ancient Times. Art truly has the hidden power to lift up our souls to higher levels of awareness, it can suddenly transform the world from a dull place of mere daily surviving into an open space full of possibilities! 

During the Expeditions everyone  has ample personal time with the opportunity to contemplatively absorb their environment and location during the breaks between the  programs and also on scheduled free time in the duration of the caravan program.

During an Expedition, the visitors, together with the local communities, participate in joint events like concerts, seminars and excursions, that enrich their hearts and their minds. New bonds of friendship are created, some of them long lasting. People from different parts of the world meet and discover each other like individuals.

The spirit of a planet wide brotherhood is strongly felt. Those impulses don’t transform only the visitors, but also the locals. The places visited on the Expeditions can turn into Human Villages. What in the start may have seemed like a simple vacation, turns out to be the source of a new civilisation!

Allow your self to enter in the realm  of self discovery on this once in lifetime trip in the new and unknown.

We organise various Expeditions, several times though-out the year at different locations. Contact us to find out more…

“A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living.”

— Rudolf Steiner

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